Gas And Environmental Monitoring Technology

Company Profile

Gemtech CC. is a high tech company involved primarily in the fields of safety and environmental monitoring with emphasis on personnel and plant protection using both portable personal equipment as well as fixed plant monitoring equipment. The principals have over thirty years of experience and contacts in the field.
The market is mainly in industry particularly the Iron and Steel, Petrochemical and mining sectors with peripheral usage by municipalities, agriculture, hospitals, food and transport sectors.
The product range we offer is varied with several of the products already well established in the market place and newer products with a significant potential for growth. Products include BW Technologies gas monitors, Monicon Technology fixed systems, Bacharach Flue gas analysers, Hitech gas analysers, Boltek  Lightning and weather stations. Monitoring capabilities include gas, environmental, weather stations, water quality, radiation, emissions, narcotic and explosive detection and leak detection. Technologies include electrochemical, Infra red, thermal conductivity, catalytic, PID, photo acoustic, neutron and solid state sensing elements.
Representatives have already been appointed in Kwa-Zulu / Natal , Mpumalanga ,the Western Cape and Eastern Cape to take advantage of local knowledge and contacts in these areas with the head office in Boksburg providing technical expertise and marketing strategies and covering Gauteng, The Free State, Northern Province as well as foreign sales.
Full-service and technical backup is provided along with training at either our facilities or on site. Training videos and manuals are available. A facility also exists for custom and locally manufactured applications. We pride ourselves on delivering swift and relevant service to our clients with the full knowledge that the equipment is critical to the safety and efficiency of our customers. 

Suppliers of a wide range of gas detection and analysis equipment:

HVAC and flue gas, Bacharach

Fixed and portable analysers, Hitech

Portable gas detectors, BW

Fixed industrial gas detection, GDS Corp

Fixed commercial gas detection, GDS Tech

Portagas calibration gases, Portagas

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